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Welcome to Fesothe3D's Wiki
By Velivian Fesothe and Kilynn Tor
This is a private wiki that will eventually be open to the associates and clients that contains documentation on projects, ideas, 3d, and assorted content made by Velivian Fesothe and Kilynn Tor, Its purpose is to provide information to anyone interested in our content and for us to store knowledge and updates so we can keep track of the content we design and refine, if you would like to post your version of our 3d models and mods please contact us via http://fesothe3d.tel.
Latest Assets & Schematics:

Crystal Key Homestead V1
Simple Gear
Split Chest V6
Captain's Money Chest V5
Treasure Chest V4
Boiler V1
Egg Tester V1

Fesothe 3D:[edit]

fesothe3d.com - fesothe3d.crypto

fesothe3d.com is our main website that contains 3d models and other free and paid content, Follow our blog for assorted 3D content updates.